Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I mastered mayonnaise! Homemade siracha mayo...yum! The key was to use 4 yolks so my immersion blender blades could reach. Basically doubled the recipe with 4 yolks, 1 1/2 c oil (will use canola with a bit of olive next time instead of rice bran for better flavor). It was fun to watch the pillowy yellow mayo develop, and when I added a bit of salt, lemon (which makes is more salty, oddly) and siracha. I didn't measure, but I added it until the mayo looked like nacho cheese sauce and tasted right. Oh, tossed in a couple of roasted garlic cloves, too. There's lots of examples on YouTube if you're interested.

John was so excited. Speaking of John, I didn't know he rode his motorcycle to work. And he wondered why I gave him a dirty look when he came in. Honestly, the man was in the hospital for five days and is still recovering from the last toy he rode. Men.

Obviously, I can't live in fear, so I'll have to get over it, but it was a bad feeling.

At least there are gargoyles, Creature Shop AND Save My Bakery. Let's not forget the rainy day that makes cooking brisket today perfect. Should probably put the leftover egg whites to use in a cake and the washing machine is humming.

Busy day.

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