Thursday, April 3, 2014

ktape for broken ribs

The ER doc said not to wrap the ribs because of risk of pneumonia from fluid collecting in bottom of ribs, but coughing with broken ribs sucks A LOT. We were told to try KTape from someone who'd had broken ribs and swore by it. Just got it from Sports Authority and wrapped John, who is very, very grateful. Dropped pain level from 7 to 5 when coughing. When it hurts that bad, two points is a big deal.

Also, we made the patch wide around the hurting ribs, so maybe it would be better if we closed the gape, but we were being cautious.

It looks like a tic-tack-toe pattern around the sore patch. See it here:

He's less yellow and pale and his blood level is higher, so that's good. He lost 4-5 units (pints) of blood from internal bleeding, so he has to take iron for a while.

Hopefully he'll sleep better tonight, but he's doing better, grumpy about the down time.

Kinda nice to be the healthy one for a change :)


  1. Hey, I am happy to hear that your husband is doing better! Love your books and can't wait for the next. I know how tough figuring out allergies can be though (let alone snowmobiles). Family &health first. - Jenny, WA

  2. Thanks. Think we've leveled out, finally.

  3. Excellent! Have a good weekend. -Jenny