Monday, April 21, 2014

So the bond with the house has a profound effect on Jordan, changing her in subtle ways. What else will it do?

Easter was nice. We had "little turkeys", aka cornish game hens. The kids thought it was great to have a little roast chicken all to themselves. Also made carrot cake, which turned out well but I think I'll tweak it to use less flour. Also made chocolate cupcakes, because I had leftover eggs and oil from my homemade mayo attempt (why is this giving me fits? Gordan Ramsey makes it look so easy. I think my food processor blades don't work on only two egg yolks. Blender also failed. Grr.)

There might be lots of cupcakes in our future, because now it's a challenge. Meanwhile, back to the gargoyles. We're coming up on a mating flight...

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